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Coach Bill

Coach Bill  photo Coach Bill

Canadian MMA pioneer, former King of the Cage Light Heavyweight Champion, and UFC fighter with over 30 sanctioned fights to his credit, Bill “The Butcher” Mahood has multiple black belts including a 3rd degree in Hapkido, a 2nd degree in Taekwondo as well as a Black Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu under the lineage of 5x World Jujitsu Champion Bibiano Fernandes. Bill’s unique yet practical application of BJJ to MMA has laid the foundation for other current fighters in the UFC such as Kajan Johnson, and most recently on the amateur side, Champion Gym 2X World Championship Silver Medalist turned winning pro Alex Martinez and 2 other #1 ranked Canadian fighters by way of Brent Auger and Kyle Francotti. For Brazilian Jujitsu, Bill has developed multiple Brazilian Jujitsu gold medalists such as Shane Miller, Will Robbins, Jackson McBrearty, Roberto Jose, Ian Stoby, and Justin Knoepfli. ON TOP of all that Bill was the Canadian Amateur MMA Team Coach, coaching and cornering several other National athletes to medals including Gold in 2015. Bill has served on the Combative Sports Commission and has intimate knowledge of the sport, rules, and safety of MMA.