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GO Kickboxing

GO Kickboxing is our original style of elbows, knees, shins, and fists like Muay Thai but with so much more. Our spinning techniques, more kicking variety, and eclectic footwork take it to another level! Taught by Master (Alex) Goc-Ong to Juniors (ages 6-11), Youth (ages 12-17), and Adults (18+).

If you are looking to inject real horsepower and creativity into your self-defense and striking techniques, then look no further. 

Each child program consists of 3 classes per week (2 + 1 bonus class for sparring or extra help), 13 classes per month, no contracts, and for team building each member gets Champion Excite Night included free every Saturday (a $60/month value), which also includes open competitive activities in BoxingKickboxing,  Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ), and Ninja Warrior!

To try Go Kickboxing for free, click HERE