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Olympic Taekwondo


The Champion Taekwondo Academy Program is based on the original World Taekwondo Federation functionality and power. Our focus is on developing your or your child’s personal defense and sport capability.

Like the rest of Champion Gym facility and the programming, Champion Taekwondo is cutting edge and incorporates Krav Maga for self-defense as well as boxing for hand striking – no reverse punches from the waist here! 

Your child will develop incredible confidence, ability, and strength of character that will increase their attention to good behavior and grades in school while being able to defend themselves effectively in any situation. 

Master Lawrence Head oversees our program, with Raphael as the Lead instructor with 37 years of experience, along with Coaches Genvieve and Marie Catherine.

Our program is divided up into novice and advanced, with more classes coming soon!

Each child program consists of 3 classes per week (2 + 1 bonus class for sparring or extra help), 13 classes per month, no contracts, and for team building each member gets Champion Excite Night included free every Saturday (a $60/month value), which also includes open competitive activities in Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Ninja Warrior!

To try Taekwondo for free, click HERE