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The Champion Leadership Academy

Welcome to the Champion Leadership Academy – where your child’s success is our success!

After our inaugural 1st year, we’ve added to and refined the educational experience for children of parents who want more for them.
Now accepting ages 6-14 (Grades 1 through 9), we are starting with orientation week this September 6, and continue for 3 terms of 13 weeks until June 27, 2023.
We offer several schedule choice options of 3.5 hours, twice weekly that include 6 components:

Core Academics

Champion Shield Personal Defence

Physical Literacy/Conditioning

Interpersonal Leadership Development



We looked at the need both in and out of traditional institutions and responded with content designed to optimize your children for the future. The reality we know is that multiple studies and experts predict that 25-40% of jobs today won’t exist within the next 10 years which the narrow focus of current education systems may not prepare for. The Champion Leadership Adventure Academy answers this through
beginner-friendly, high-level Academic, Physical, Entrepreneurial, and Leadership Education, with a place and resources for those who opt to Unschool. Here your child develops confidence, competence in multiple skill sets, focus, creative enterprise, real communication and negotiation skills, and decision-making under pressure. Add to that our robust personal defence options under our Champion Shield umbrella and your young one will have the tools to go to the next level in a hyper-competitive, unstable world. Complete with a provided healthy snack (that they will need)
Your child receives a condensed education, twice weekly consisting of 3.5-hour sessions, with 2 schedule options! That is a school year-long total of over 294 hours of academic, physical, and life skills education, over 3 Terms (a total of 42 weeks) for just pennies over $5 an hour ($497 each Term)!

The 6 components covered are:

1. Core Academics. Where knowledge from source reading, through word definitions, and vocabulary, leads to increased comprehension. Weekly themes will be provided that accommodate all grades and reading levels, with lessons and tutoring help. Journalling will be encouraged. Kindle Paperwhites, with a robust reading list scaled to your child’s developmental level, are assigned to use at the Academy and to take home. We will be providing Math and English curricula through IXL again this year for home use only which is scaled to grade and measured. Tutoring help will be available for any child struggling at home, however, screen learning will be otherwise delegated to home unless requested otherwise.

2. Champion Shield Personal Defence. This includes a mix of Olympic Brazilian Jiujitsu, Commando Krav Maga, Olympic Boxing, GO Kickboxing, Champion Ninja Warrior, and Olympic Taekwondo! The best in each of these skillsets are distilled into our Champion Shield curricula and embedded through repetitive, live training and pressure testing that is both fun and ensures your child will react, and correctly, under pressure.

3. Physical Literacy/Conditioning. At Champion, we believe that no matter how many skills one has, it is not enough without the cardiorespiratory power and strength to use them. Skilled physical fitness promotes clear thinking, positive self-esteem, life longevity, discipline, and quality of life. As a winner of 4 Athlete of the Year awards, the TCLA through Champion Gym knows fitness and will get your child to know it too! We will measure progress each term to track their progression, guided by our staff Kinesiologist.

4. Interpersonal Leadership Development: Facilitated by a Dale Carnegie graduate that incorporates clear and concise interpersonal and public communication and relationship skills, the value of peer vs self-competition, healthy habits, thinking under stress, and how to inspire others towards a mutual goal.

5. Enterprise: Entrepreneurial concepts and application, applied critical thinking, financial literacy, marketing focus, how to sell yourself and anything else you believe in, opening an online store, understanding currencies of exchange – all scaled to age from the 6-year-old lemonade stand prospect to the online marketplace for teens.

6. Electives: TCLA will introduce your child to a variety of interesting subjects including but not limited to: Art (Drawing, painting, classifications), Science experiments (physics and chemistry), World Geography, Astronomy, nature exploration (identification of plants and animals), basic mechanics (gears, motors, changing a bicycle tire), Music (Wind, string and, percussion), as well as language arts where they will learn a sampling vocabulary of Quebecois French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Special guest speakers from athletes to academics will be brought in. In some instances, there will be field trips to explore the topics above – permission forms will be sent in advance.

Aside from the 6 components, your child will receive a:

~ Champion Leadership Academy T-shirt with each sign-up (1 per academy year)
~ Healthy snacks and drinks included with plenty of choices: fresh fruit, vegetables, granola, etc.
~ Responsibility list for at-home that encourages the application of Academy lessons. Volunteerism, help at home, positive behaviours, and personal responsibilities are developed with and verified by parents for open student recognition.
~ Access to Champion Fun Night (Go-Karts, Lazer Tag, Ninja Warrior, etc) every Saturday night between 6 and 8 pm!
~ Desks are provided, along with computers (For Google Earth, business research, typing practice, etc.).
~ NEW – financial incentives for academic and physical literacy achievements (i.e. – Most read, most improved, best effort…)
~ Discounts for current Champion Gym members, as well as for all Pro-D/Homeschool Adventure DayCamps and Winter/Spring Adventure Camps between registered terms.
~ Free invitation to our exclusive annual Champion Adventure Day the last week of August!
~ The Champion Leadership Academy is eligible for Jumpstart/Kidsport funding up to $1200 for qualifying low-income families
~ Corporate sponsorship funding will be made available
~ Registration cost is progressively less for each consecutive term!
After Orientation (Thursday, September 8, 2022, from 12:00 to 3:30 pm), the Champion Leadership Academy schedule options are:

TERM 1: (13 Weeks including Orientation)
A Team: Thursday, Sept 8, 2022, through to Wednesday, December 7, 2022 (12-3:30 pm every Mon/Wed) –Some SPOTS LEFT
B Team: Thursday, Sept 8, 2022, through to Thursday, December 8, 2022 (12-3:30 pm every Tues/Thurs) FULL – WAITLISTED

TERM 2: (13 Weeks)
A Team: Monday, December 12, 2022, through to Wednesday, March 22, 2023 (12-3:30 pm every Mon/Wed)
B Team: Tuesday, December 13, 2022, through to Thursday, March 23, 2023 (12-3:30 pm every Tues/Thurs)

TERM 3: (13 Weeks)
A Team: Monday, March 27, 2023, through to Wednesday, June 26, 2023 (12-3:30 pm every Mon/Wed) - Registration can be completed HERE
B Team: Tuesday, March 28, 2023, through to Thursday, June 27, 2023 (12-3:30 pm every Tues/Thurs) - No sports available 

Upon completion of the program, your child will be ready for the next grade level and to take on life!
Champion Gym has taught classes at dozens of schools across the GPSSD, Peace Wapiti, and GPCSD boards, as well as for government institutions, and has the resources and experience to bring your child the best in coaching and choice.

We have won 4 Athlete of the Year Awards, 3 more than any other institution in Northwest Alberta.
As we have for thousands of others over the past 14 years, you can trust us to develop confidence, physical fitness, competency, focus, and personal defense in your young one at an extremely affordable price.

These are the best gifts you could give your child, including safety and security when you aren’t there.

Register HERE today – scroll to Leadership Academy in the membership options, and choose which schedule is the best fit for you. Create your account and book now as spaces are limited to keep our student: instructor ratio small!

*$2.35 per class hour after homeschool subsidy – includes all books, binders, writing, computers, kindle take-home use, snacks, and T-shirt when signed up for the academic year. Without subsidy still only $497 per 13-week Term. Total of $1491 for the 3- Term academic year – after homeschooling government grant ($850) it is only $64 per month or just over $2 per hour.