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The Champion Leadership Academy

Welcome to the Champion Leadership Academy – where your child’s success is our success!

Our 2024-2025 year is now more complete and engaging than ever with more value and options to choose from! Expanded, no price increase! But we have increased session times (an extra hour a week!), curricula, and human resources! 

We are now accepting ages 6* and up (Grades 1 through 9), starting with orientation session this September 3, 2024, and continuing for 3 terms of 12 weeks until May 30, 2025. 

Enrollment is capped to ensure program quality. Priority will be given to those committed throughout the complete academic year, to see the progression through. 

Parents are welcome on September 3, 2024 (from Noon to 2 pm) to engage with their children for the first-day introduction, receive preliminary materials, and get shirt sizing for examples. A summary of the Orientation will be presented along with a preliminary introduction to the physical activities. 

Student Requirements: Form/Waiver signed on their behalf, indoor running shoes, respectable active wear, TCLA t-shirt, personal hygiene.

See Q&A at the bottom of this page for answers to common questions!

There are now 2 main programs of choice:

TCL AcademyFit

  • Orientation: Champion Ethics, Champion Conduct Code (behaviours), discovering purpose, the price of Championship, structure in class, physical leadership, formalities, and requirements.
  • 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
  • Choice of Monday/Wednesday (FIT A) or Tuesday/Thursday (FIT B)
  • Champion Shield Self-Defence including Commando Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Boxing and Kickboxing. Scaled to grade/age and situation (physical bullying through to abduction attempt)
  • Situational security - preparation, prevention, evasion, non-physical tactics
  • Pressure Testing of Technique
  • Physical Literacy Conditioning - cardiorespiratory exercise, strength and endurance.
  • Proper form in movement - from bodyweight to weight - a kinesiology perspective for healthy, pain-free back, neck and joints for life.
  • Benefits: Increased stress management, resilience, capability, situational ownership, extraordinary confidence, social development, physical fitness, self-awareness, and self-leadership. 
  • Metrics and evaluation included each term.
  • 'Teaching is understanding' Students learn to apply and exercise this principle to all skills and fitness competencies.
  • Healthy snack included
  • Champion Fun Night included (2 hours Go Karts, Lazer Tag, Ninja Warrior, etc. every Saturday night)
Run time: 3 Terms of 12 weeks of 3 hours weekly
Term 1: Sept 3, 2024, to Nov 21, 2024
Term 2: Nov 25, 2024 - February 27, 2025
Term 3: March 3, 2025 - May 30, 2025
Cost: FIT A or B: $397/Term


  • Orientation: Champion Ethics, Champion Conduct Code (behaviours), discovering purpose, the price of Championship, using desks, ergonomics, structure in class, cascading mentorship, formalities, and requirements.
  • 11:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Choice of Monday/Wednesday (Gold A)  or Tuesday/Thursday ( Gold B)
  • AcademyFit Plus...
  • Core academia - now further scaled to age:
    • Math (Dynamic Math text - IXL account included)
    • English communications (Including Public Speaking, grammar & spelling, and book reports)
    • Introductory Languages (French, Mandarin, Spanish)
    • World Geography (and Culture)
    • World History - Early Civilizations to Early 20th Century
    • Music introductory (Voice, instrument)
    • Art (Drawing concepts - landscape and basic human figure)
    • Science (Biology, Human Anatomy, Physics, Chemistry)
    • Astronomy (Comprehensive)
    • Information Processing (Speed Reading/comprehension - whom applicable, typing - whom applicable, architectural handwriting, memorization principles, and techniques)
    • Personal Leadership Development (Subjects: Time Management techniques and benefits, Finance: Understanding money, value, and budgeting, Organization 'Profits are in Order'/'Making your bed'/'12 Rules for Life'), Maneuvering through adversity (understanding resources, triaging priorities and stakes, handling personal attacks, removing barriers to and enjoying success sustainably) 
    • Interpersonal Leadership Development (Dale Carnegie, Crucial Conversations, Negotiation, Logic, and Fallacies, Debating, and persuasion, Time Management techniques and benefits)
    • Personal Finance: Understanding money, value, and budgeting 
    • Entrepreneurship studies and application (Starting and running a small business)
    • Safety (Hazard identification - in and out of the home, assessing risk, creating solutions)
    • Basic vehicle mechanics and maintenance (from bike i.e. gears, and tires, to auto i.e. engine, maintenance, drivetrain, fuel, emergency kit, etc.)
    • Auxiliary: Robotics, Coding (JavaScript), Artificial Intelligence use, ethics and limitations
  • Frequent testing plus metrics and evaluation included.
  • This Academic year will have excursions such as nature walks (biology), library (reading and research), etc. 
  • Champion Fun Night included (2 hours Go Karts, Lazer Tag, Ninja Warrior, etc. every Saturday night)
  • Run time: 3 Terms of 12 weeks of 8 hours weekly
    Term 1: Sept 3, 2024, to Nov 21, 2024
    Term 2: Nov 25, 2024 - February 27, 2025
    Term 3: March 3, 2025 - May 30, 2025
  • Subjects are presented in modules throughout each term. There is an expectation of completing assignments at home to enjoy the full benefit of TCLA.
  • Where applicable, all material is curated to the grade/age level of your child. Lessons and materials are provided in a manner that reaches and teaches all without frustration or boredom.  
Cost: GOLD A or B: $497/Term ($5.18/hour) based on 2x weekly
           PLATIUM: Gold A plus Gold B: $797/Term ($4.15/hour) based on 4x weekly
  • All TCLA students are fed a variety of healthy snacks including fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers, etc. during their session.
  • All TCLA Students (Gold and Fit) receive a TCLA shirt (1 per Academy year).
  • All TCLA Gold Students receive a binder for their curricula. All materials are supplied (pens, pencils, instruments, math workbooks, etc.) - no school shopping is necessary!
  • All TCLA Gold Students receive an eye-strain-friendly Kindle to use, loaded with Kindle Unlimited for limitless reading!
  • All TCLA Gold Students receive an online IXL (full math and English curricula) to use for the year.
  • Parents can substitute in their own curricula.
  • GPPSD, GPCSD, or PWPSD Students are welcome and can benefit from augmenting with TCLA.
  • The TCLA meets homeschool funding reimbursement requirements.
  • Private school education for homeschool pricing - Only $2.22/hour for Academy Gold, and $1.32/hour for AcademyFit (after funding). Compare that to a Private school education - $24000/year (see and there is no supplied materials, Martial Arts, Fun Night, Dale Carnegie, Business, range of Languages, or provided snacks, etc.
  • Champion Fun Night is included for both Academy Gold and Fit programs.
  • Diversabled are welcome and supports are considered on a situational basis**.
  • Responsibility list for at-home that encourages the application of Academy lessons. Volunteerism, help at home, positive behaviors, and personal responsibilities are developed with and verified by parents for open student recognition.
  • Access to Champion Fun Night (Go-Karts, Lazer Tag, Ninja Warrior, etc) every Saturday night between 6 and 8 pm!
  • Desks are provided, along with computers (For Google Earth, business research, typing practice, etc.).
  • NEW – financial incentives for academic and physical literacy achievements (i.e. – Most read, most improved, best effort…)
  • Discounts for current Champion Gym members, as well as for all Pro-D/Homeschool Adventure DayCamps and Winter/Spring Adventure Camps between registered terms.
  • Free invitation to our exclusive annual Champion Adventure Day the last week of August!
  • The Champion Leadership Academy is eligible for Jumpstart/Kidsport funding up to $1200 for qualifying families
  • Corporate sponsorship funding has been and will be made available again

Orientation: All Teams begin Tuesday, September 3, 2024 from 12:00 to 2 pm.

TERM 1: (12 Weeks including Orientation)
A Team: Wednesday, Sept 4, 2024, through to Wednesday, November 20, 2024 (11:30 am - 3:30 pm every Mon/Wed) 
B Team: Thursday, Sept 5, 2024, through to Thursday, November 21, 2024 (11:30 am - 3:30 pm every Tues/Thurs) 

TERM 2: (12 Weeks)
A Team: Monday, November 25, 2024, through to Wednesday, February 26, 2025 (11:30 am - 3:30 pm every Mon/Wed) 
B Team: Tuesday, November 26, 2024, through to Thursday, February 27, 2025 (11:30 am - 3:30 pm every Tues/Thurs) 

TERM 3: (12 Weeks)
A Team: Monday, March 3, 2025, through to Thursday, May 29, 2025 (11:30 am - 3:30 pm every Mon/Wed)
B Team: Tuesday, March 4, 2025, through to Thursday, May 29, 2025 (11:30 am - 3:30 pm every Tues/Thurs) 

Upon completion of the program, your child will be ready for the next grade level and to take on life!
Champion Gym has taught classes at dozens of schools across the GPSSD, Peace Wapiti, and GPCSD boards, as well as for government institutions, and has the resources and experience to bring your child the best in coaching and choice.

We have won 4 Athlete of the Year Awards, 3 more than any other institution in Northwest Alberta.
As we have for thousands of others over the past 15 years, you can trust us to develop confidence, physical fitness, competency, focus, and personal defense in your young one at an extremely affordable price.

These are the best gifts you could give your child, including safety and security now and for life - when you can't be there.

Register HERE today! Choose which schedule is the best fit for you. Create your account and register now as spaces are limited to keep our student: instructor ratio small!

~ $2.22 per class hour after reimbursement subsidy – includes all books, binders, writing, computers, Kindle to use, snacks, and T-shirt when signed up for the academic year. Without subsidy still only $497 per 12-week Term. Total of $1491 for the 3-Term academic year – after homeschooling government grant ($850) it is only $64 per month or just over $2 per hour (based on 2x weekly).

*For parents of younger children, the subject matter listed below will be commensurate with their grade/age level. Written material is typically re-created for ages 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16 up), and lessons are taught to capture all abilities of comprehension in that age range. Substitution may occur, for instance, if a child has difficulty reading then that will be the focus during the use of A.I. tools - for just one example. Rote practice will be emphasized overall to develop the basics. 

**We will work with any child, however, if our resources are disproportionately metered out in extraordinary behavioral or differently-abled circumstances, we will require a parent or aid to assist. Undue distraction will be handled without restraint (i.e. Standing time-in until ready to participate), and with that, there will be no physical contact between Students or Teacher and Student unless it is related to planned class physical activities. This will be covered in the Champion Conduct Code. 

Q & A

Q  - How do you cover lessons across those ages?

A - The lessons are facilitated verbally in simple enough terms that can be captured by every student, and delivered in scale to their age/grade level. For example, a lesson on the ancient history of the Roman Empire would be recreated at several levels - ages 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, and 16+ to meet their vocabulary and comprehension. Tests would follow the same, as well as expectations for their home studies. In another example, this is already set out in the Math texts that are received, and the auxiliary IXL exercises online in English (and Math). For physical literacy, including Martial Arts and sports activities, the students are in groups of similar size and age, and expectations are aligned with capability, motor skills, etc.

Q - When you teach anatomy or biology at TCLA, how do you approach the subject of sexuality or related anatomy?

A - We simply don't. Although of course, this is part of life, we leave sensitive topics of that nature to the parent. As this is a combination of grades, there is no separation at this time to approach these subjects discretely in scale to the intended demographic. Our human anatomy and biology classes cover systems outside of reproductive organs and their function.

Q - Do you have teachers? 

A - We have oversight of the curriculum by a teacher, with in-class support of an Educational Assistant, as well as an on-staff Kinesiologist who underpins the physical literacy aspect. The facilitator is a Dale Carnegie graduate, a seasoned Martial Artist, multi-sport Coach, former professional athlete and Canadian Champion, U of A graduate, as well as a multiple business owner. The conditioning Coach is an Engineer by trade from his native country, and also a former professional athlete also with coaching credentials. Our other martial arts coach is a former professional and multi-sport athlete as well. Each (as do all the employees at Champion) has clean Criminal and Vulnerable Record checks. We bring in other talent, for example - art, music, or language is procured for the rolling modules as required.

Q - Are you just a homeschooling co-op or a private school?

A - We are not a co-op, where parents share in the teaching of each other's children. We are in the application for Private School status and will be that in the 2025-2026 academic year. Until then, The Champion Leadership Academy satisfies any and all of the homeschooling board educational plan curricula guidelines.

Q - What kind of political or religious persuasion would my child be exposed to at the Academy?

A - None. We do not interfere between the child and the parent. We strongly believe in the child coming to their own conclusions, with only their parent's guidance being the primary influence. Our objective is to teach how to learn, to instill the desire to learn, and the ability to determine the accuracy and application of those lessons to their benefit. The driver here is free-market servant leadership fueled by critical, creative thinking where the greatest competition is oneself. Competent, exemplary citizenship and constructive personal fulfillment is the goal. 

Q - Is there a lot of homework?

A - As we are only up to 16 hours a week, home studies are required. The student is given guidance and the studies to take home, along with the expectation for the next class. 

Q - You are really inexpensive? How and why is that? Are you corporately funded? Do you take government grants?

A - Our vision is to be the leader in accessible, direct, future-proof, and complete education to all young people, regardless of income status, or any of the other protected Charter identifiers. We will provide an elite education - body, and mind - without the elitism. We do not and never will take a government grant. It defeats the purpose of mentoring self-reliance and independence, particularly from the free-market perspective that we encourage. We are open to corporate donations, complete with recognition and other benefits for any donor, under 1 condition - there is zero influence. Either a potential donor is aligned with our values, or we are not interested. The corporate donations we have had in the past went directly to the tuition of less-fortunate students. Either way, we do not need them, as TCLA is run quite efficiently and leads by its independence. 

Q - Why TCLA?

A - There is a dearth of good leadership from the older generations in the world today, and at the same time a crisis of lack of purpose for generations of young people. The recent pandemic response measures unveiled the stark reality of this common observation. It goes beyond that, to interpersonal leadership, personal finance, physical literacy, enterprise, critical thinking, and many other indispensable aspects of what should be part of a child's education in order to succeed. TCLA was a natural evolution of our desire to empower young people beyond the personal power and confidence that just martial arts provide. Essentially we now provide martial arts not just to prepare the body, but to also prepare the mind.