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Champion Gym is a proud affiliate of, and, Alberta’s only active school for Commando Krav Maga, the World’s most brutal form of self-defense against single or multiple attackers, including weapons like knives and guns. Led by Certified Instructors Alex Goc-Ong and Raphael Bergmann.

Commando Krav Maga was founded by Israeli Special Forces Commander and 7-time international Judo/Ju-Jitsu champion Moni Aizik. He developed his techniques with the following principles:

1. Training with a cooperative, immobile opponent is ineffective. Using the most realistic training like Pressure Testing will produce the best results for students learning a specific scenario and how to react within it.

2. Strength should not be a factor: a technique has to work for a 110 lb. woman as well as it does for a man.

3. Simplicity is key, a move should require no more than two motor skills. A practitioner is more likely to fail under pressure when using a technique that is more complicated.

​The first objective of a practitioner is to always avoid unnecessary confrontation, but when one occurs, it should be ended as quickly and efficiently as possible. The style is all about surviving real-life situations with opponents who aren’t obeying classical or sport martial arts rules. One must be prepared to engage when necessary and disengage as quickly as possible.

For more information, contact us by text/call at (780) 833-4448, or check out our schedule and then begin registration by creating your profile HERE!