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Olympic Boxing

Champion Gym is the longest-running Boxing facility in the Peace Region! Since 2000 we have been turning out Champions as the go-to for both Amateur and Professional fighters. More than that, our focus is on the self-confidence and capability of our Juniors (ages 6-11), Youth (ages 12-17), and Adults (18+)!

We focus on how to recognize a punch coming and not get hit, how to think clearly under pressure, pace yourself, and get out of any situation with slick footwork!

Add to that the physical conditioning, and courage discovered within themselves, and one quickly sees why this art, sport, the sweet science, and bully-eliminator has been so motivating through its stories in real life and on the big screen. 

Get in the best shape of your life, or for parents give the gift that confidence, personal power, and better performance at school and in life to your kids. Because when you can’t be there to protect your loved ones, they’ll be able to do it themselves. And once they are armed, it’s for life.

9 Classes weekly for Adults! Each child program consists of 3 classes per week (2 + 1 bonus class for sparring or extra help), 13 classes per month, no contracts, and for team building each member gets Champion Excite Night included free every Saturday (a $60/month value), which also includes open competitive activities in Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Ninja Warrior!!

Competitive, for fitness, or just for fun, join our early morning, evening, and weekend classes and discover your inner Champion with us! 

Taught by Coaches Alex, Ray

To try Olympic Boxing for free, click HERE.