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Neurofight Parkinsons/MS

This is a program run through AHSParkinson’s Alberta, and the MS Society that Champion Gym has been volunteering for over 5 years and continuing. Boxing training is beneficial for those with particular motor neuron diseases such as Parkinson’s as proven out by University studies which confirm that upper body impact can regulate tremors, and the unique physical complexity of boxing can stimulate neural development with limitless combinations and hand/eye/foot coordination development. Plus, you can do this while sitting! The fine motor skills involved in this type of therapy can help to recapture or preserve dexterity in movement, while not necessarily requiring any equipment, and be done anywhere, anytime. Boxing training curated for ‘Neurofighters’ creates a psychological parallel of fighting back against a relentless opponent – with a team behind you. And lastly, it is fun and consists of exercise good for everybody! Currently, these classes, 3x per week, are run remotely via Zoom and taught by our Coach Master Alex (sitting Class & High performance).If you or someone you know would like to benefit from taking some control of your quality of life from these illnesses, please contact us via call or text at (780) 833-4448 and we will put you in contact with a facilitator.