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Knife yoga! Women’s defense fitness with a knife

Ladies – be your own first responder –  because when seconds count, police are minutes away, and that is not an option for you or your child. Whether walking alone at night, living in fear of potential domestic violence, or just looking for quick and effective confidence in facing the unknown – Champion has the solution to quickly disable any assailant using only a knife, or any sharp instrument down to a pen.

Learn how to ‘work’ within the legal parameters of personal defense, the choice, and care of a bladed defense tool as well as the:

  • prevention
  • preparedness
  • concealment
  • situational awareness
  • and psychology involved in this highly effective self-defense.

With the flowing movement of Yoga, and based on Filipino Kali, this program involves a general and skill-specific fitness component as well as speed training, techniques, targeting, and testing to give you the confidence and capability to defend against nearly any threat.

This is a great complement to our Commando Krav Maga!

For women only!

For more information, text or call us at (780) 833-4448, or check out our schedule. To start your free trial create your profile HERE.